Canusa Snap-Fit Sleeves (CSF/CSK)

A heat-shrink seal for pipeline casings for corrosion protection


Canusa Casing Snap-Fit Sleeves (CSF/CSK) are high expansion, heat-shrinkable, wrap-around sleeves specifically designed to provide a waterproof seal on pipeline casings operating at constant temperatures of up to 60°C (140°F). As part of an underground system, CSF/CSK products electrically isolate pipelines from metallic casings. They can also be used to prevent the corrosion of above-ground flanges and mechanical couplers. The sleeve consists of an irradiation-crosslinked, heat-shrinkable polyolefin backing, coated with an aggressive adhesive that effectively bonds to commonly used pipeline coatings including polyethylene, epoxy, tapes and coal tar enamel. Materials used in these products provide high electrical resistivity, resistance to corrosive environments, low water absorption and low moisture permeability. This combination ensures a permanent seal that is resistant to pipe deflection, vibration, soil stress, corrosive gases, and thermodynamic effects resulting from the expansion and contraction of carrier and casing pipes, flanges and mechanical couplers.

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Rapid and Reliable Installation: The Canusa CSF/CSK sleeve has a one-piece construction that allows rapid and reliable field installation. The unique snap-fit closure system allows for an accurate installation every time. The CSK kit contains a roll of filament tape and a polypropylene support skirting to provide smooth transition between the casing and the carrier pipe, eliminating the need to apply a filler mastic which is time consuming in the field.

Long Term Sealing: Once installed, the Canusa CSF/CSK has excellent structural integrity. The system provides superior mechanical protection to the joint by maintaining a hoop-stress around the adhesive and creating a tough permanent bond. The CSF/CSK adhesive remains flexible after installation and provides an excellent seal against vibration, deflection and temperature cycling while protecting from moisture, corrosion and bacterial damage.



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