MikroTest 6

The Mikrotest 6 - Automatic uses the magnetic attraction principle to measure enamel, plastic, and rubber on steel.


MikroTest coating thickness gauges utilize the magnetic attraction principle. They are commonly referred to as “Pull-Off” gauges or “banana gauges” and are classified as Type I instruments.  MikroTest gauges are designed to measure the thickness of coatings applied over flat as well as round or curved surfaces. Measurements can be taken at any angle including overhead surfaces.


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Classified by a UN:
  • Automatic Opperation
  • 8 to 120 mils range for the Mikrotest 6 SM-3
  • 20 to 200 mils range for the Mikrotest 6 SM-5
  • ± 5% tolerance
  • .040″ minimum base


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