Ed Urban

Job Title:
Böhmer Technical Support
Short Bio:

Ed Urban recently joined the Liberty Sales and Distribution team in June of 2013 as our Technical Representative for Boehmer Valves in North America and he provides Technical Sales Support for our suite of products.

Ed has over 40 years of experience in the natural gas industry having worked in a variety of capacities including Corrosion, Engineering, Operations for LNG facilities, Pipe Line Construction, Pipe Line Integrity, Distribution  Integrity and Value Engineering.  Ed started and supervised an Inspection Department and was responsible for overseeing the materials and special projects.  Ed was known as the” go to person”  at New Jersey Natural Gas Company as he worked with plastic, steel and cast iron pipe in both distribution and transmission systems.  Ed’s efforts with corrosion control systems and pipe sealants helped to improve system integrity and greatly reduce associated maintenance costs.  Ed was also active with a consortium of LDC’S  to introduce and use PE 4710 HDPE in the United States.

Ed has a BSEE degree from New Jersey Institute of Technology and he has been a key supporter of SOGO for over 12 years. Ed was a member of NACE for over 25 years and is formerly the Chairman of the Board for the NEGDC and was a member for over 10 years.

Ed resides in New Jersey with his wife Monica, daughter Christina and his grandson Riley John (his second job).

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