Canusa DDX

Advanced girth-weld protection for pipes used in directionally drilled applications


The DDX – Directional Drilling Kit is a high performance system designed to protect welded joints on PP, PE and FBE coated pipelines in directional drilling applications. The DDX system consists of the following key components:

Force-cure epoxy primer applied to steel for maximum corrosion protection. Epoxy primer is only required for 3-layer applications.

Primary sleeve composed of high shear strength adhesive, a protective heat shrinkable HDPE backing, and a pre-attached closure patch.

Sacrificial sleeve incorporated to protect the leading edge of the underlying primary sleeve during pullthrough operation.

In addition to providing effective protection against pull-through forces that occur during the directional drilling operation, Canusa’s DDX is a multi-layer system that provides superior corrosion protection at pipeline weld joints.

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Superior Gouge&Abrasion Resistance

Designed to mitigate the effect of forces associated with directional drilling

Highly resistant to the effect of soilstresses and pipe movements

Long Term Corrosion Protection

Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment provided by Canusa’s advanced force cured epoxy technology

Fully compatible with cathodic protection systems

Excellent durability against abrasion, chemical attack and moisture absorption

Efficient Installation

Offers quick and easy installation, saving time and money through the following:

Convenient ready-to-mix epoxy bubble pack for 3-layer applications

Extremely low preheat high speed sleeve recovery



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