Canusa High Shrink Sleeve

Sleeves for corrosion protection of high profile pipeline joints


CANUSA-CPS High Shrink Sleeves are superior performance heat shrinkable products designed for corrosion protection of flanges, casings, bell and spigot joints, and other high profile pipeline couplings. High Shrink Sleeves consist of a crosslinked polyolefin backing, coated with a protective heat sensitive adhesive which effectively bonds to steel substrates and common pipeline coatings including polyethylene and fusion bonded epoxy.

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Flexible & Reliable Installation:
The patented Wrapid Sleeve™ (K) incorporates a one-piece pre-attached closure strip that has been factory applied resulting in quick and reliable field installation.
2) The CanusaWrap™ (W) configuration is supplied in a bulk roll, with separate closure seals, providing just-in-time customized lengths. This flexibility results in reduced inventories and cost savings on the job site.
3) The CanusaTube™ (P) consists of a unique tubular configuration that has been factory constructed, resulting in quick and reliable field installation.

  • Long-Term Corrosion Protection: Once installed, the High Shrink Sleeve products have excellent structural integrity, and provide the substrate with durable protection against mechanical and chemical attack. The high performance crosslinked backing provides superior abrasion resistance and can be engineered for regular or high stress environments. In combination with Canusa’s high performance adhesives, the High Shrink Sleeve provides excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment resulting in effective long term corrosion protection.
  • Assured Performance: The High Shrink products meet and exceed the requirements of the DIN 30 672 standard for gas and water, and have been fully tested and approved by DVGW (German Gas and Water Authority).


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