Atlas™ is a high strength, high stiffness carbon fiber solution for on-site repair of piping structures. Atlas™ HT is for use on piping structures with operating temperatures of up to 450°F. Atlas™ is designed for repairs requiring strain reduction due to dynamic loading conditions and is most commonly used for pipelines and piping systems that have suffered from corrosion or third party damages. Complete the Engineering Assessment Form and send to to receive your quote.

Possible defects that can be repaired include:

• External corrosion and pitting
• Dents, gouges and scratches
• Welds and other manufacturing flaws
• Wrinkle Bends
• Crack Reinforcement (conditional cases)


  • Permanent repair with minimal disruption to pipeline operation during installation and top coating
  • Flexible repair system can be installed on complex deformations and geometries and in areas of low clearance
  • Installed and inspected with cost-effective field labor
  • Reduce time and cost in the ditch, repairing more anomalies in less time
  • Can be installed over non-injurious hard spots and laminations without safety risk, reducing the total repair length, cost and time required compared to steel sleeves
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CSNRI Composites
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