Structural Carbon/Epoxy Rehab System for the Prevention and Repair of Corroded Piping Systems


Clock Spring|NRI Black Diamond® is ideal for transmission pipeline integrity repairs involving field bends, deformation, metal loss, and crack-like anomalies. It is an engineered, wet applied repair system featuring proprietary carbon fiber cloth applied with a two-part epoxy and a high modulus filler material. It is available in multiple kit sizes for any diameter pipe, in any configuration. 


• 50-year DOT accepted repair system for transmission pipelines.
• ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817 compliant.
• Repair kits will restore pipelines to MAOP on up to 80 percent wall loss, mechanical damage, mill defects, and axial flaws.
• Removes need for pressure reduction or pipeline shutdown.
• Zero performance loss validation on 10 year test program.
• Excellent adhesion to virtually any substrate.
• Can be applied on field bends and girth welds.
• Used in all environments, in over 60 countries.
• Can be used in road and river crossings, and air to soil transitions.
• High Temperature and Subsea systems available.
• Black Diamond kits are installed quickly and efficiently by certified installers.
• Remote training classes available for Operator Qualification.
• Simple marking band system makes repairs visible to in-line inspections tools.
• Robust low profile repairs with high strength and low creep.
• Easy to install and cure.

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CSNRI Composites
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