Clock Spring® Kit


Clock Spring® Kit Bands are a pipeline reinforcement system and repair sleeve for high-pressure transmission pipelines.  Standard configuration is a continuous coil of pre-tensioned e-glass fiberglass for reinforcement.


  • Made from durable pre-tensioned e-glass fibers
  • Sized to fit standard pipe diameters
  • Designed with unique “wrap-around” shape
  • Available in 4-inch through 56-inch diameter kits
  • Can be installed underwater
  • Available in a high-temperature system
  • Meets standards of internationally recognized  repair codes
  • Is a 50-year DOT-accepted repair system for high-pressure transmission pipelines
  • Conforms to ASME PCC-2 and ISO 24817


  • Installs without disrupting operations
  • One hour to backfill from installation
  • Enhances short-term and long-term safet
  • Marking band system makes repairs
    visible to in-line inspection tools
  • No environmental hazards
  • No special tools to install
  • No hot work
  • No heavy lifting
  • Applications

  • Transmission pipelines – proven permanent repair
  • Large diameter and limited access <0.5”
  • Bends and girth welds
  • Process piping: chemicals, oil, gases, water, and steam
Product Manufacturer:
CSNRI Composites
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