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U-Bolt Coat is a seamless, vulcanized, polyolefin material that is applied to a standard hot dipped, galvanized zinc plated or stainless steel u-bolt. They effectively control crevice corrosion on above ground piping by eliminating any possible metal to metal contact between the top and sides of the pipe. These coated u-bolts are also used with FRP Half Rounds to help control crevice corrosion on the bottom of a painted pipe. U-Bolt Coat type u-bolts can also help reduce vibrations and noise levels. The polyolefin coating is durable and displays excellent resistance to UV rays, heat, cold, abrasion and electrolysis.

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U-Bolt Coat type u-bolts are ideal for use on piping found in refineries, compressor stations, pumping stations, and chemical plants. They are particularly useful as non-load bearing guides on bridge mains. These coated u-bolts offer a superior long-term service life for most industrial, commercial and marine environments.

The u-bolt size and coating thickness has been taken into consideration in order to ensure a good fit over the pipe. U-BOLT COAT type u-bolts come complete with four special hot dipped galvanized hex nuts. FRP Half Rounds or FRP Flatties are frequently used in conjunction with the u-bolts. The coated u-bolts are designed to be used on bare or painted steel pipe. Thick barrier coatings and/or FRP Shields and FRP Saddles will affect proper sizing.

• Hot dipped galvanized long tangent u-bolts ranging in size from 3/4” to 24” are standard items.

• Larger sizes and non-standard u-bolts are available on a quote basis.


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