Copper Clad Steel Tracer Wire


Copper Clad Steel Tracer Wire is used to conductively locate buried utility lines for the gas, water, sewer, telecommunication, and electrical markets.  It greatly reduces damage and breaks during installations. Equal to copper in signal tracing performance, it simply outperforms copper tracer wire. Designed for open-cut and plow-in installations using 1 wire.

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Classified by a UN:

HS-CCS PE30, HF-CCS PE30 and HF-CCS PE45 conductors meet or exceed all applicable ASTM specifications and requirements of the National Electrical Code.

• ASTM B910 / B190M: Standard Specification for Annealed Copper-Clad Steel Wire
• ASTM B170: Standard Specification for Oxygen-Free Electrolytic Copper
• ASTM D1248: Standard Specification for Polyethylene Plastics Extrusion Materials for Wire and Cable

Available in black, blue, brown, green, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow. Some colors standard and some subject to economic order quantity.


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