CSS8 Stainless Steel Spacer


The CCI Model CSS8 shall be constructed of circular Stainless Steel bands, which bolt together forming a shell around the carrier pipe. The casing spacer shall be lined with a ribbed PVC extrusion with a retaining section that overlaps the edges of the shell and prevents slippage. The spacer shall be designed using runners with or without risers to support the carrier pipe within the casing and to maintain a minimum clearance of 1.0 in. between the casing ID and the carrier pipe OD. 

The runners shall be Glass Filled Polymer with ends of the runners beveled to facilitate installation over rough weld beads or the weld ends of misaligned or deformed casing pipe. The runners shall be attached to support structures (risers) at appropriate positions to properly support the carrier pipe within the casing and to ease installation. They shall have a minimum length of 7.0 in. and a minimum width of 2.0 in.

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Recommended positioning of the spacers is one placed 1-2 feet on either side of the bell joint and one every 6-8 feet apart thereafter for a total of three casing spacers per joint. 


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