Denso Paste

5.5 Pound Tubs - 4 Tubs per Case


Denso Paste is a soft brown petrolatum primer containing moisture displacing corrosion inhibiting compounds for application by stiff brush or gloved hand at normal ambient temperature. It does not dry, harden or crack. Denso Paste is primarily used as a primer prior to the application of Denso petrolatum tapes. Denso Paste will penetrate existing rust, displace moisture, pacify the surface and aid the adhesion of petrolatum tapes and mastics. It is also used as a temporary coating for exposed metal.

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• Minimal surface preparation (SSPC SP 2-3)
• Can be applied in any climate
• Can be applied to wet surfaces
• Contains no V.O.C.’s
• Can be applied by inexperienced personnel
• No shutdowns necessary Meets AWWA C-217

For application: Prepare surfaces by removing all loose scale, rust or other foreign matter in accordance to SSPC SP2 “Hand Tool Cleaning” or SP3 “Power Tool Cleaning”. High pressure water wash of 3,000 – 7,000 psi is also suitable. Apply a thin uniform coat of Denso Paste to entire surface with gloved hand, brush or rag.


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