Denso Profiling Mastic

Petrolatum Molding Mastic


Denso Profiling Mastic is a cold applied self-supporting molding mastic. It is a petrolatum compound containing beads of closed cell cellular polymer and flow control additives.

The mastic is used to provide a smooth profile on irregular shaped fittings such as flanged joints and valves. It is applied prior to the tape application and generally used in conjunction with Denso Paste, Denso Petrolatum Tapes or Denso Bituminous Tapes.

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• Easy application from arctic to tropical temperatures

• Excellent molding and sealing properties

• No VOCs

• Will adhere to metal, PVC, polyethylene and concrete

• Not effected by water, acids and salts

• Non-hardening in cold weather

• Minimal surface preparation (SSPC SP 2-3)

Prepare surfaces by removing all loose scale, rust or other foreign matter in accordance to SSPC SP2 “Hand Tool Cleaning” or SP3 “Power Tool Cleaning”. High pressure water wash of 3,000 – 7,000 psi is also suitable. Apply a thin film of appropriate primer to the surface. Then, by hand application, mold the mastic to a rounded configuration to fill irregular shapes and reduce sharp edged surfaces.


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