Denso Protal 7300 – 1 Liter Kit/8 Kits Per Case

Moisture tolerant pipeline liquid coating


Protal 7300 is a VOC free, 100% solids epoxy coating specially formulated to coat dry, damp or wet surfaces. It is a high build liquid coating that is applied by Denso Protal Applicator Pad, Denso Protal 9″ Roller, or brush in one coat in the field or shop. For the exterior coating of pipelines, structures or other steel surfaces that may be wet or damp due to the environment or as a result of atmospheric condensation.

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• Can be applied to wet or damp surfaces.
• High build (up to 50 mils in one coat).
• Excellent adhesion to wet and damp surfaces.
• Safe and environmentally friendly.
• Excellent gouge, abrasion and impact resistance.

Surafce Preparation

Prepare surfaces by grit blasting to a clean near white finish, SSPC SP-10/ NACE No. 2. Material for abrasive cleaning shall be the appropriate blend of grit to produce an angular surface profile of 2.5 – 4 mils (0.063 – 0.10 mm).


• Initially stir the base and hardener.
• Add the hardener to base and mix until a constant color is achieved.
(Make sure all sides of container are scraped).
• Pour mixed material onto surface.
• Apply with Denso Protal Applicator Pad, Denso Protal 9″ Roller, or brush
(If applying to wet surface, displace water as the coating is applied).
• A wet film thickness gauge shall be used periodically to measure mil
thickness throughout the application process.


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