Girard Turbo Series Pigs


The Girard Turbo Pigs are solid-cast polyurethane pigs available in up to three (3) durometers with multiple configurations of cups, discs or a combination of cups & discs for varying pipeline applications.

The Girard Turbo Pigs one-piece body design preserves its flexibility for negotiating pipeline bends and full-port valves while still maintaining a superior seal. The one-piece body also requires no assembly and reduces the weight for ease of use. The multiple sealing surfaces are excellent for removing liquids from the line, especially in wet gas systems. A few of the Girard Turbo Pigs have hollow cores which allow for the expansion of the pig while under pressure resulting in better sealing and scraping of the pipeline.

If more aggressive cleaning is required, wire brushes can be attached to the body Girard Turbo Pigs.

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Turbo-Pig Models

Turbo-Magnum – 3 and 4 Cup Hollow Core Urethane Pigs.

Turbo-Flex® I & II – Combination Cup & Disc Urethane Pigs.

Turbo-Flow – Cup & Disc Pigs designed for Pig Valves.

Turbo-Plus – 2, 3 and 4 Cup Solid Urethane Pig.

Turbo Bi-Directional – Bi-Directional Disc Solid Urethane Pig.



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