Handy Cap – 20 per Case

Corrosion Protection for Exothermic Grounding Connections. Designed to be used with Royston Roybond 747 Primer.


The Tapecoat / Royston Handy Cap™ is a 4″ x 4″ prefabricated assembly designed for cathodic protection of leads to pipes and tanks. When pressed by hand into position over the anode lead wire weld, it forms a thick, highly resistant electrical insulation seal over the weld, the end of the lead wire and the surrounding area of the pipe or tank. Designed to be used with Royston Roybond 747 Primer.

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A durable plastic sheet that has a dome filled with a moldable compound to assure complete encapsulation of the item being protected. The sheet is then capped with an adhesive layer for easy and permanent application. Roybond 747 Primer is required in order to provide a permanent application. Capable of sealing wires as large as 8 AWG.



Once surface is cleaned to SSPC-SP 2 or SSPC-SP 3 at a minimum, apply primer.  Remove the release liner from the bottom of the Handy Cap. Bend the Handy Cap inward at the serration when applying to a small diameter pipe. Position and place the Handy Cap over the weld so that the lead wire is lined up with the tunnel area of the Handy Cap. Push the dome of the Handy Cap firmly into the weld area. Lift the lead wire away from the pipe slightly. Push and mold the Handy Cap adhesive so that it forms a seal completely around the wire. Push the lead wire back down on the pipe and press the edge of the cap firmly so that the area around the wire is completely sealed.


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