Royston Roybond Black 747

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Royston Roybond 747 is a primer used with butyl and elastomeric products and is a liquid adhesive that creates a permanent bond between the tape and the substrate. Roybond 747 can be used for substrate temperatures up to 165°F (74°C) and is available in gallons, aerosol spray cans and quart containers and is compatible with Steel, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron, other metals, FBE and PE. A 4 mil WFT (1.0-1.5 mil DFT) of Roybond 747 or Roybond 747 Aerosol should be applied and allowed to dry prior to application of the tape.

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Roybond 747 should be used to adhere Greenline to the following substrates commonly used underground: Steel and galvanized metal, extruded polyethylene and polypropylene, coal tar and asphalt enamels, microcrystalline wax, thermoplastic and thermoset thin film coatings, laminated and extruded pipe wraps.

To use: If there is an accumulation of solvent at the top of the quart container, stir lightly to reach a smooth, creamy consistency.

Royston Roybond 747 – Liquid Adhesive/Primer required for the application of Royston butyl tapes and sealant. Available as a brush applied liquid or in aerosol spray cans. For use at service temperatures up to 185°F (85°C).

All substances that will impede bond or otherwise be detrimental to the performance of the coating system must be removed prior to the coating application. This includes all loose surface material, rust, dirt, dust, moisture, grease, oil, sharp edges, burrs, mill scale, welding splatter and shop lacquer.
When using Roybond 747 the pipe cleaning must meet either SSPC-SP 2 or SSPC-SP 3 at a minimum, but SSPC-SP 6/NACE No. 3 can also be used. The coating must be applied as soon as practical after cleaning to keep dirt and rust bloom from re-contaminating the pipe surface.
Before coating application the surface must be dry. Preheating the surface to 120°F will dry the surface and increase adhesion. Be cautious not to damage the existing coating during this step by always keeping the torch moving. When using Roybond 747, stir the primer until the product appears uniform using a paint stick or similar tool or shake the aerosol cans. A thin (4 mil wet/1.0-1.5 mil dry) coating applied by brush or aerosol can is recommended. The primer must be given enough time to dry before the tape is applied. A simple touch test can be used to indicate when the primer is dry. A touch without transfer of the primer to a gloved hand is considered a successful touch test.


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