Royston Royfill H Casing Filler

A hot-injected, petrolatum/wax based compound used to fill the annular space between the pipe and the casing which surrounds it.


ROYSTON ROYFILL H hot applied Casing Filler for large or multiple casing projects. This casing filler is a specially formulated blend of corrosion inhibitors, petrolatum wax and inert solids, installed by a custom heated pumping tanker. ROYFILL H provides an effective protective environment for preventing and eliminating active corrosion and electrolysis from the annular space between the carrier pipe and casing.

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For the prevention of galvanic and atmospheric corrosion in casings with new or existing pipe. This ONE STEP, hot injected, wax blend fills and coats the pipe and casing, re-coating areas of damaged coating and eliminating electrolytic shorts by totally encompassing these areas with a high dielectric, nonconductive, protective barrier of wax and corrosion inhibitors. As the casing is injected with ROYFILL H’s time proven formula, oxygen and moisture are eliminated from the casing and are prevented from being re-introduced into the protected space.

Casing End Seals

EnviroSeal End Seals are the preferred product to use in conjunction with Royfill H. They are designed to take the heat and pressure associated with hot fills. In the absence of EnviroSeal End Seals, good quality casing end seals should be installed and tested. End seals should have the ability to handle the pressure and high temperature of the application.

One Step Application

No need for pre-treating casings prior to application. The corrosion inhibitor is already in the casing filler blend.

Tanker Truck Installation

ROYFILL H hot injected casing filler is pumped into the low end, bottom casing vent with the use of an insulated, heated tanker truck and factory trained installers




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