Tapecoat Color Coat Wax Tape

The Multi-Environmental All Purpose Wax Coating System


Color Coat is a versatile 60 mil environmentally friendly wax coating system designed to protect piping and metal structures from damage and deterioration caused by corrosion. The specially formulated odorless, selfhardening, wax coating system is suited for both above and below grade application.

Color Coat is a highly conformable coating that can be applied over most stable surfaces whether they are dry, damp or wet. A coating ideal for protecting structures such as bridge crossings, riser pipe, flanges, valves and all types of piping and metal structures. Especially suited for vaults and close quarter applications because it is virtually odorless, fume free and non toxic.

Resistant to Ultra Violet Light and environmental exposure, Color Coat is durable and aesthetically pleasing, available in a wide variety of colors including a full range of Safety Code colors (Blue, Green, Grey, White, Yellow, Red & Black).

Color Coat Primer for use with Color Coat Tape

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– A Variety of colors available

– A Non-toxic Wax Tape blend

– 60 mil Thickness

– Wax Encapsulation bonding system

– Excellent UV Resistance

– Can be used above or below grade, wet and dry environments

– Maximum operating temperature is 140°F or 60°C

– No Leachable Chlorides

Primer: Apply TC COLOR COAT PRIMER by hand (glove) or mechanical means to a minimum thickness of 2 to 4 mils.

Tape: Apply Color Coat Wrap using either the spiral or cigarette method. A 50% overlap is preferred, though a minimum overlap 1” or 20% of the tape width, which ever is greater is acceptable when conditions allow. Hand smooth and seal overlaps.

Surface Preparation

Surface should be clean. Remove all loose or non-bonded material, rust scale, dirt, burrs, and sharp edges. Remove excess moisture whenever practical.

REFERENCE: Steel Structures Painting Council (SSPC)

SP-2 Hand Tool Cleaning
SP-3 Power Tool Cleaning

Swedish Standard(St,Sa)

St 2 Hand Tool Cleaning
St 3 Power Tool Cleaning


Coating Overwrap (option)

TC RUGGED WRAP – This coating is a fiberglass saturated with a moisture curing urethane. When activated with water the Rugged Wrap forms a hard, UV resistant shell protecting. Rugged Wrap is available in the same colors as the Color Coat.


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