Tapecoat Flangecoat

Each box includes Flangecoat Tape


TC Flangecoat is a thixotropic corrosion preventative caulking material designed to protect the flange interface and bolts from atmospheric corrosion. As a field-proven, environmentally-safe coating TC Flangecoat is ideal for use on new and in-service flanges. It will not shrink, crack or dry out over time. This innovative 100% solids coating allows for easy re-entry and flange maintenance. Each box of Flangecoat contains Flangecoat Tape.

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Color: Gray
Specific Gravity: 1.3
Solids content: 100%
Application Temperature: Above 20°F
Operating Temperature: -40 to 180°F
Shelf Life: Rotate stock yearly

Apply TC Flange Tape (a clear, pressure sensitive tape) over the gap of flange interface. Punch insert/exit holes in the Flange Tape at approximately 1” to 2” intervals. Trim the cartridge tip for desired bead. Insert cartridge tip through hole and pump TC Flangecoat until coating flows over bolts on both sides. Repeat procedure until the space between the flanges is filled. Remove TC Flange Tape and smooth out TC Flangecoat. Cover the flange edges with Tapecoat H35 Gray or TC Envirotape if the entire flange area is to be coated.


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