Tapecoat HT/MB


Tapecoat HT/MB (High Temperature, Mesh Backed) Tape is a 40 mil polypropylene mesh-backed, cold applied, below grade coating designed to provide superior soil stress resistance on pipelines with service temperatures up to 300°F (149°C). The coating provides protection against corrosion and electrolysis on metal substrates. The mesh backing allows the coating to conform well to the pipe surface but does not stretch or elongate giving the HT/MB its exceptional strength against soil stress.
Tapecoat HT/MB must be applied using a 50% minimum overlap and it requires the use of a primer prior to application.

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Appropriate for coating and reconditioning small to large diameter pipes, bends and metal structures, as a single component coating below grade. HT/MB is especially well suited for high temperature environments, reconditioning field coated pipe and coating pipe in areas with high soil stress conditions.

All substances that will impede bond or otherwise be detrimental to the performance of the coating system must be removed prior to the coating application. This includes all loose surface material, rust, dirt, dust, moisture, grease, oil, sharp edges, burrs, mill scale, welding splatter and shop lacquer. The coating must be applied as soon as practical after cleaning to keep dirt and rust bloom from re-contaminating the pipe surface. Before coating application the surface must be dry. Preheating the surface to 120°F will dry the surface and increase adhesion. Be cautious not to damage the existing coating during this step by always keeping the torch moving. Tape must be applied with sufficient tension to conform and bond to the pipe surface using either a manual or tape wrap machine method. Remove the release liner as the tape is being applied. Preferred method: Apply tape in a spiral wrap with sufficient overlap to ensure a good lap seal. Cigarette wrap tape when conditions do not allow for spiral wrapping.


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