Tapecoat M50 RC (50 MILS)


Tapecoat M50 is a 50 Mil Gray polypropylene mesh-backed, cold applied, below grade coating designed to provide superior soil stress resistance to protect against corrosion and electrolysis on metal substrates.  The Tapecoat M50 has an integrated primer in the adhesive which allows for faster application as there is no need to apply a separate primer when application temperatures are above 40°F.  Appropriate for coating small to large diameter pipe, bends and metal structures, Tapecoat M50 is especially well suited for reconditioning field coated pipe and coating pipe in areas with high soil stresses.

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Primer Application

Because M50 RC Gray comes with an “integrated primer” built into the tape, normal liquid primers are not required. However, if the application is taking place in periods of extreme cold (below 32°F), a liquid primer will enhance the immediate bond. TC Omniprime is the compatible primer for use with Tapecoat M50 RC Gray. Apply primer to the prepared surface by brush at the rate of approximately 300 square feet per gallon. Let primer dry before applying Tapecoat M50 RC Gray.

Tape Application

Spiral Wrap: Tapecoat M50 RC Gray is applied by removing the release liner and spirally wrapping in a single thickness with a continuous overlap of tape. Tension in wrapping should be enough to obtain conformability to the surface being coated.
Cigarette Wrap: Precut strips of Tapecoat M50 RC Gray to a length equal to the circumference of the pipe plus a minimum of 4″. Follow general tape application instructions described above.


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