Tapecoat M860 Pavement Repair Coating


Tapecoat M860 provides quick and easy repair of cracks in concrete and asphalt surfaces. This cold-applied, self-­adhering tape is effective as a temporary patching material and also offers excellent bonding for repair of the substrate prior to a complete asphalt over lay. Tapecoat M860 solves maintenance problems in paving material on city streets, highways, and parking structures. This puncture-resistant coating can also protect transducer and sensor wiring from tire damage, prevent pavement deterioration due to deformation in heavy-traffic areas, and provide quick temporary repair to paved surfaces on bridges and airport  runways and tarmacs. Tapecoat M860 retains its ability to bond under pressure at temperatures as low as 0° F making this coating ideal for temporary repairs during the cold winter months.

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