Tapecoat Profile Putty

A surface contour siller for wax coating systems.


TC Profile Putty is used for filling voids and contouring irregular surfaces prior to overwrapping with TC Envirotape. This highly conformable filler putty can be used on mechanical couplings, nuts, bolts, bell and spigot joints, saddle tees, leak clamps and any area that a smoother more contoured coating surface is preferred prior to application of a wax tape or mat.

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TC Profile Putty is a blend of petrolatum wax, expanded polystyrene beads and inert fillers. This stable filler putty will not absorb moisture, settle out, separate, crack or harden. It is resistant to diluted mineral acids, alkalis and salts. TC Profile Putty should not be used with color wax tapes as may cause discoloration overtime.

Surface Preparation

All substances that will impede or otherwise be detrimental to the performance of the coating shall be removed prior to the coating application. This is to include removal of all loose or nonbonded material, rust scale and dirt. Remove excessive moisture whenever practical.

  • Manually Prime surface with TC Enviroprime covering total surface to be coated.
  • TC Profile Putty comes in slab form. Break off the amount of material as needed for the particular job.
  • Manually mold, form and contour the surface as you would do with any putty.
  • Apply TC Envirotape over the entire surface to be coated as per manufacturers recommendation.





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