Tapecoat T-Tape

Cold-applied, below-ground coating in tape form to protect pipeline and infrastructure from corrosion.


Tapecoat T-TAPE Gray PE is designed to protect buried or submerged metal surfaces from corrosion and electrolysis. It is used for coating pipe, pipe joints, fittings, couplings, tanks, pipe type cable, conduit, tie rods, elevator casings and other metal surfaces. Its flexible polyethylene film backing has been specially formulated to provide strength that allows it to be pulled tightly around fittings and other irregular shapes with minimal pull-back due to memory. Tapecoat T-TAPE Gray PE is resistant to thermal expansion, impact, abrasion and can be applied over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

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Tapecoat T-TAPE Gray PE is composed of a specially formulated polyethylene film with a synthetic elastomeric adhesive. Laminated to the adhesive is an “integrated primer.” This primer is kept from permanently bonding to its backing (while on the roll) by a tough, easily removed polymer release liner which prevents contamination of the primer and adhesive prior to its use.


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