The Clock Spring|NRI Leak Stopper™ works fast! It is designed for quick and safe temporary leak containment, with an optimized strapping method that achieves efficient and secure composite placement using teeth that are part of the band. Using the low-profile buckles makes executing repairs less cumbersome and time consuming than alternative methods and produces a finished profile that is only 1 inch thick.

Leak Stopper™ is ideal for onshore oil and gas pipelines, refineries and petrochemical plants, and municipal water and gas distribution lines, replacing bulky bolt-on products that require more time to install and introduce greater risk. Installing the Clock Spring|NRI Leak Stopper™ is simple. The process requires a trained installer using a gauged clamping device to tension the specialized band securely over the leak with a low-profile buckle. The result is a reliable and durable temporary repair within seconds. Once the Leak Stopper™ is installed and the leak is stopped, Clock Spring|NRI engineers can design an engineered composite solution as an overwrap to prolong the life of the piping system.


• Rapid repair process prevents environmental exposure to hydrocarbons within seconds
• Teeth designed into the tightening band improve strength, safety, and repair speed
• Low-profile repair simplifies installation and composite overwrap application
• Not diameter specific – The band can be used for various pipe diameters
• Third-party verification of materials performance in aged samples
• Certified SGS tensile strength certificate

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CSNRI Composites
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