Denso Protal 7200 Repair Cartridge 50ml & 400ml

(1000 ml Cartridges also available)


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Protal 7200 Repair Cartridges are specially formulated for patching and repairing damaged FBE and other liquid coated pipelines. The repair cartridges are packaged in 2-component tubes that are applied with a dispensing gun (sold separately). Three convenient sizes (400 ml, 50 ml, and 1000ml) are available.

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Repair coating for damaged FBE and other liquid coated pipelines. Also used as coating of cadweld areas.

Prepare surfaces by grit blasting to a clean near white finish, SSC-SP 10/ NACE No. 2. Heat and check temperature of Part “A” Protal Repair Cartiridge to approximately 120°F to 135°F (49°C to 54°C) in a microwave. Convection oven, weld box or other methods (do not overheat and check with a infrared gun). Utilize the Protal Air Cartridge Gun to spray product. A wet on wet spray technique should be used to achieve a minimum thickness of 20 mils. The coating thickness should be measured using a wet film thickness gauge. 


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