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Tapecoat TC® Omniprime is a liquid primer containing no known carcinogens, no hazardous air pollutants (HAP) and is compliant with all state and US federal volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations. Requires no Red Label Hazard warning for storage. This primer can be used with all Tapecoat cold and hot-applied bonded tape systems and with Tapecoat 6025 high temperature tape when operating temperatures do not exceed 180° F. For all operational temperatures above 180° F and up to 300° F, use TC 7000 High Temp Epoxy as a primer.

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TC Omniprime is the compatible primer for use with Tapecoat 20. Apply primer to the prepared surface by brush or roller at the rate of approximately 300 square feet per gallon. TC Omniprime should be applied 4″ beyond the area to be wrapped with tape. Let primer dry before applying Tapecoat 20. TC Omniprime can also be used on stainless steel.


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