9B Adjustable Pipe Roll Stand


Adjustable Roller Stands, used in conjunction with Non-Conductive Rollers, offer an alternative to the epoxy type pipe chocks for preventing or correcting crevice corrosion problems. The polyurethane based Non-Conductive Rollers will not abrade the pipe’s coating and allows moisture to drain away from the bottom of the pipe. Non-Conductive Rollers do not contact enough of the pipe surface to allow moisture or organic materials (grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, etc) to collect at the pipe roller interface. Non-Conductive Rollers are particularly useful on pipes that show significant expansion and contraction.

The Adjustable Pipe Roll Stand generally includes a galvanized cast iron base, steel plate, adjusting bolts and Non-Conductive Roller with stainless steel sleeve. The base can also be fabricated from carbon or stainless steel to standard or non-standard specifications. Available for pipe sizes 2” through 24”.

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